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Membership in international organizations

Commonwealth of the Universities Magna Charta - non-profit organization founded by University of Bologna and European University Association (EUA). The aim is to celebrate the deepest values of University traditions and to encourage strong bonds among European Universities.


International Non-Governmental Organization "Board of Governors of Cooperative Educational Institutions" was created to satisfy and protect the legal, social, economic, creative, national, cultural, sportive and other common interests of its members. It includes members from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova and Azerbaijan.


European Retail Academy - an academic network, created in the first place to generate a B2B-dialogue amongst universities of applied science, but also to help those in the retail industry who might be looking for addresses of institutions in selected countries. The organization's purpose is receipt of information as a result of international dialogue, assistance to the process of students and lecturers exchange and, consequently, to the process of experience exchange, which is an important step towards the internationalization of economic processes and globalization.


Eurasian University Association – an authoritative and influential international organization of universities. It includes national universities of CIS, leading regional universities and universities of the Eurasian space. In April 2013 the Council of the Eurasian University Association has decided to recommend the XIII Congress of Eurasian University Association to accept PUET into membership.