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Scientific groups

Office 432

Tel. (0532) 56-37-03

Circle of Philosophy

"The philosophical circle" - student group creative discipline exploratory study, which aims to the urgent problems of culture, anthropology, economics of the modern world.

Head: Associate Professor, PhD, Usanov Igor.
Number of students: 45 students of all disciplines and areas.
Type of work: perform creative tasks, research job search work.
Department: Philosophy and Political Science.
Tel: 2-15-06.

Circle of socio-political issues of our time

Business group in social and political issues of our time focused on in-depth, creative, analytical study of the socio-political problems of Ukrainian society and the international community. The work of students is aimed at analyzing and understanding the causes and consequences of contemporary socio-political and socio-economic problems of the international community.

Head: Associate Professor, Ph.D., Natalya Goncharenko.
Number of students: 63 all specialties and areas.
Type of work: creative tasks, research, analysis, search, predictive work.
Department: Philosophy and Political Science.

Gurtok "Marketer"

Research science club performed based on contemporary issues forming the goods and services in Ukraine and focused on studying the market trends of education, consulting services, advertising services intermediaries, consumer behavior research activities in the field of Consumer Cooperatives in Ukraine, development of complex marketing communication companies consumer cooperatives, marketing strategy to promote products and services, implementation of research results in the learning process and practice of enterprises and organizations.

Head: Associate Professor, Ph.D., seagull IP
Number of students: 56 all specialties and areas.
Department: Marketing.
Tel: 50-91-73.

Circle "World Commodity"

At meetings of the scientific group of students engaged in search and analytical and research work: make presentations on topics of interest, determine the organoleptic and physico-chemical properties of specific products, develop points-scale evaluation of the quality of the products and conduct tasting points-assessment of their quality, filled with tasting sheets and set accordance with the standards of the studied parameters.

Head: Associate Professor, Ph.D., Kaynash AP
Number of students: 72.
Department: Commodity and examination of food.

Circle "A Survey of consumer goods"

At meetings of the scientific group of students engaged in search and analytical and research work: make presentations on topics of interest, determine the organoleptic and physico-chemical properties of specific products, develop points-scale evaluation of the quality of the products and conduct tasting points-assessment of their quality, filled with tasting sheets and set accordance with the standards of the studied parameters.

Number of students: 48, Technology and commodity and commercial departments.
Department: Commodity and examination of consumer goods.

Circle "Radical"

Full Circle work aims to develop skills and abilities of students to conduct research of raw materials and finished products. On the results obtained, students inform their fellow students on laboratory studies, reporting on a meeting inside the circle and high school science conference PUET. The best scientific works per year are sent to the internal high school student research.

Head: Assistant oppression NV
Number of students: 45, Technology and commodity and commercial departments.
Department: Chemistry.
Tel: 2-16-87.

Student research group "Jure" and debating "Themis"

In the circle and the club investigates and discusses issues:

  • Reform of Ukraine's economy: theory and practice
  • Ukrainian model of mixed economy system models in the world
  • Unity of economic and political reform
  • Political Economy - Reform - Youth
  • Economics - Economic policy - youth
  • Reform and consumer cooperatives in Ukraine

Head: Lavryk Galina.
Department: Law.
Tel: 2-16-47.

Science student group "Modern information technology"

Areas of work groups:

  • Organizing and conducting research work with students;
  • Preparing them to participate in scientific conferences;
  • Participation in university-wide competitions such as the subject of the competition for the best expert information technology "Studinfo."

Director: Marianne V. Makarov.
Department: Information and Computing Systems.
Tel: 2-16-71.

Professional Club "Accountant"

Areas of work:
"Problems of improvement of economic analysis"

Director: Anna O. Sable.
Department: Accounting and Auditing.
Telephone: 02/06/55.

Student debating "Globe"

At meetings of the CAS students discuss the following topics:

  • The global economic crisis: challenges and implications for Ukraine;
  • Financial pyramid.

Students actively participate in conferences, seminars workshops, competitions of scientific works outside the university.

Director: Vitaly A. Svechkar.
Department: International Economics.
Tel: 50-91-68.

Student debating "Economic Thought"

Students hospital and distance learning involving teachers, practitioners discuss topical problems of economic science and economic practice. A special place in the club are problems of reforming Ukraine's economy, the level of compliance of the economic policy of the Ukrainian state economic theory.

Director: Leonid Kushnir.
Department: Economic Theory.
Tel: 2-17-50.

Research and debating in English

Research and discussion club based at the Department of Foreign Languages
in 2006, it aims to promote and improve speech skills of students of business English teachers through consultation, elaboration of educational, artistic and journalistic English literature, watching videos and communicating with native speakers.
The purpose of the club - teaching business communication and scientific work in English at the professional literature.

Head: Vladimir V. Stecenko.
Department: Foreign Languages??.
Tel: 50-91-72.

Research group "The Economist"

Areas of Focus:

  1. Competitiveness of enterprises and ways to gain.
  2. Directions optimize costs.
  3. Provisions for increasing the profitability of the company.
  4. Reserves increased productivity in the workplace.
  5. Ways to improve motivation in the enterprise.
  6. Studies of preservation, stabilization, optimization and motivation of human resources of consumer cooperatives.
  7. Evaluation and effective ways to improve the utilization of production facilities of the company.
  8. State retail network in the region and ways of its development.

Director: Valentina Ivanova. 

Department: Economics of business enterprise. 
Tel: 2-18-31.

Science student group "Ecolog"

Areas of work:

  1. Collection of statistical information on the sources and amounts of man-made pressures on the environment of regions of Ukraine, including Poltava.
  2. Implementation of cartographic modeling for man-made stress indicators in the regions of Ukraine and Poltava region.
  3. Creating an information booth "Environmental Security Regions of Ukraine".
  4. Preparing for a student conference . Proceedings of the circle.
  5. The participation of students in the international scientific conference " Ecological and economic problems of the Carpathian Euroregion EEPKYE 2010" (Ivano -Frankivsk). - May 2010.

Head: Litovchenko Irina. 

Department: GENERAL disciplines. 
Tel: 2-16-87.

Interdepartmental research group "Manager"

Areas of work :
  • Current approaches to economic management.
  • Recent developments in the management of national economic sectors.
  • Formulation and implementation of development strategies in tourism business.
  • Management of investment and innovation activities of businesses in the market environment.
  • The theory and practice of management potential in tourism business.
  • Manage the development of enterprises.
  • Problems and prospects of modern HR organization.
  • Current trends and management practices of human resource development companies.
  • Creation and development of enterprise knowledge management.
  • Management of economic and intellectual enterprise security Consumer Cooperatives in Ukraine.


Leaders: Ivanchenko Katerina Alexandrovna and Barybina Ioannina. 
Departments: Defense & Foreign Trade and Business Administration & Foreign. 
Tel: 7-48-37.

Research and practice circle Kommersant

During the academic year group works according to the approved plan. 1 Meetings are held once a month. Business circle associated with:
  • the research work of students, members of the group under the supervision of the department who are supervisors;
  • Discussion of the results of research members of the group;
  • preparing scientific papers members of the group on scientific student conferences and to participate in a variety of university and non university competitions ;
  • the competition for the best expert fundamentals of business, trade organizations, business planning, etc.;
  • the involvement of members of the group to carry out the research work of the department and of economic agreements that concludes Dept. of organizations and enterprises of consumer cooperatives and private organizations;
  • workshops, seminars, round tables and meetings with representatives who are practitioners;
  • issues of newspapers on the department's website.

Head: Misyukevych Valentina. 

Department: business and entrepreneurship. 
Telephone: 07/02/75.

Student research group "Technological Bureau"

Subject scientific circle "Technological Bureau" has three main areas:
1. Development of technology of flour confectionery products using unconventional materials.
2. Development of technology for functional foods enriched with biologically active substances.
3. Development of approaches to forming competitive institutions restaurants. Market Research restaurant services.

Director: Natalia V. Dibrovsky. 
Tel: 2-48-60.

Student research group of the Department of Education, Culture and History

Circle presented the following sections: 
• Section "History of Ukraine and Area Studies" (Head - Assoc. Onipko TV) 
• Section "Psychology and pedagogy" (director - Assoc. Todorova Author) 
• Section "Cultural Studies" (director - Assoc. Sarapyn VV)


Head: Assoc. Onipko TV 
Department: Pedagogy, culture and history. 
Tel: 50-91-69.

Master's research group "Recent developments in financial theory and practice"

Areas of work:
- Justification theses topics and subjects of scientific articles special students. 8.03050801 "Finances and Credit";
- Attracting graduate students to participate in
     - A roundtable on the problems of bankruptcy and rehabilitation entities;
     - Scientific- practical seminar "The Stock Market of Ukraine: Status and Prospects";
     - Workshops on issues of treasury budget execution;
- Attracting graduate students to perform research themes of the department:
     - "The financial resources of local governments in the context of changes in fiscal legislation";
     - "Modern trends in the insurance business in Ukraine";
- Organization of seminars to discuss the main results of research students in the course of the diploma;
- Attracting graduate students to participate in student scientific conference on the results of research works of students in 2012, according to research issues;
- Preparation for the publication of the best papers (abstracts) graduate students the results of their research and participation in conferences;
- Submission of research papers by graduate students research materials in the collection of scientific articles and Masters "Scientific Bulletin PUET";
- Formation of a contingent future graduate students with special students. 8.03050801 "Finances and Credit".
Head: Assoc., Ph.D. Skybenko ST 
Department: Finance. 
Tel: 50-91-71. 

Club "Leader"

Head: Ph.D., Assoc. Nestulia Svetlana. 
Department: Human Resource Management and Labour Economics.

Circle "manager of XXI century"

Head: prof. Kostyshyn Tatiana Adamivna.
Department: Human Resource Management and Labour Economics.

Circle "Statistics"

Head: Assoc. Vyshnevetska Lyudmila. 
Department of Statistics.

Circle of the Department of Mathematics and Physics

Head: Isychko Lyudmila. 
Department: Higher Mathematics and Physics.

Circle of mathematical modeling and social science

Director: Yuri F. Oleksiychuk. 
Department: Mathematical modeling and social science.